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Megan Cato: Philosophy of Education
Megan Dempsey

Philosophy of Education

“To develop in body and soul all the beauty and perfection of which they are capable.” This is what Plato believed to be the aim of education, and I hold firmly to his argument. I believe the purpose of education is to teach a child how to think. If a student knows how to think critically, he will be able to find new ways of viewing the world around him, and he will be capable of being a functioning member of society. That is a goal that I will see reached in every one of my students.

While encouraging my students in their roles as critical thinkers, I believe that my main objectives as their teacher are to enable them to accomplish their educational goals through cooperative learning, parental involvement, and sound classroom management. Children learn best in a social environment that fosters group involvement. Working in groups enables students to reach higher thinking levels than they would individually. A classroom that is conducive to parent involvement is one that is warm and inviting to parents and their opinions, experiences, and expertise. I will tap into this valuable resource through consistent teacher-parent communication. My personal philosophy of life which is “it’s not about me,” will be incorporated into my classroom management technique. I believe that discipline problems will be fewer when a child learns to be selfless instead of selfish. I know that it is a lofty goal, but as a child’s eyes are opened to the value of others, as mine were as child, she will best be served through a lifetime of service to others. True “beauty and perfection” are best viewed on the backdrop of a selfless life.

Ultimately, as a teacher, I want to provide my students the opportunity to grasp hold of their full potential by helping them to glimpse the possibilities of who they could be. This was Plato’s desire for his students hundreds of years ago, yet it remains to me a worthy cause.