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Megan Cato: Standard 4

Standard 4

The M.Ed. candidate systematically reflects about his/her practice and learns from experience.

Element A: Reflection on Teaching

Reflecting on something is critically analyzing its effectiveness. In the reflection on a second-grade sequencing lesson that I used as my artifact, I listed a couple of ideas that would have made my lesson better, and I noted the areas in which I thought were successful. I realized that I had to let my EIP second graders hold and maneuver the seeds to actually understand the concept of sequencing. I also noted that it would have made my lesson go smoother had I already had the materials cut out for my students. I have learned that my EIP students often struggle with completing the important aspects of a lesson if they are focused on tasks such as cutting. My reflection on my lesson plan indicates that I determine whether a lesson meets the stated goals and that I am committed to reflection and self-assessment. Through listening to the ideas of the classroom teacher, I show that I am open to suggestions to improve instruction.

Element B: Professional Growth

As an educator I have a natural love of learning and feel that just because I am a teacher does not mean that I have stopped learning. As a matter of fact, I believe that as a teacher it is mandatory of me to be more of a learner than I ever have. I do have to gain a more in depth understanding of the material that I am required to teach, but I also must learn new ways to teach and make learning more valuable and exciting for my students. I often read professional literature, attend conferences, and learn from colleagues and mentors to grow as an educator. I make sure to do this professionally in both manner and appearance. My artifact for Standard 4, Element B is a certificate I received after attending a conference on the 6 Traits of Writing in Savannah. I make sure to appear as a professional at these type trainings to show my understanding of the importance of learning and growing in my career.