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Megan Cato: Standard 5

Standard 5

The M.Ed. candidate is a member of a learning community.

Element A: Participation in School/District Events

Element B: Community Resources

Element C: Communication with Families

Element D: Relationships with Colleagues

As part of being a member of a learning community, it is vital that I have an open communication with all other participants in the community. To keep the communication open, I often create and distribute a newsletter for my students, their parents, and my colleagues to keep abreast of what is happening in my classroom. I believe this classroom newsletter demonstrates my competence for Standard 5, Element C because I show that I communicate with parents on their child’s progress and I welcome and involve parents in my classroom.

Also in the newsletter I showed how I could plan ahead with other teachers on what material we would be covering, and I shared that plan with the parents in the newsletter. I think it is important for me to collaborate with my colleagues so that I can learn from their knowledge and also so we can ensure we are following the standards laid out in the Georgia Performance Standards. I believe this proves that I seek opportunities to work with colleague to learn and grow professionally.

The newsletter also shows how I seek out relationships with community agencies to plan ahead for field trips. A crucial part to my students’ success is providing them opportunities to have real-life experiences. The more they are exposed to, the more knowledge they can gain to apply to all areas of their learning. I sometimes use community members to speak to my classroom and other times I take my students on field trips for them to experience learning outside of the classroom. I believe it is evident that I often utilize community resources and people to support a learning community.

As I have stated earlier, I often use the classroom newsletter to make parents aware of events that will be happening in our school as well as our community. I make sure to let parents know about PTO meetings, Literacy and Math Nights, Relay for Life activities, and much more. However, by letting parents know about these activities, I feel that it is important for me to take part in the activities as well. I feel this keeps me active in the learning community, but it also shows parents my level of commitment to their child and his/her learning and will hopefully encourage more participation from them. My level of dedication does not end at just participating in these activities. I often try to take positions of leadership, such as serving as the PTO treasurer for the past two years. This shows that I participate in more than one activity and that I make substantial leadership contributions.

I feel that collaboration with all faculty, staff, parents, and anyone in the community is vital to my success as a teacher. I firmly believe in the importance of having as many resources as possible to benefit my students and further enhance their education.